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Re: [Johan 309GTI16] 309GTI16 miami bleu

Messagepar alargeau » 18 Oct 2017, 20:31

Yeah it's always a good thing to see people who have a different vision of the car, see it as it is. I sometimes go to Poissy where a lot of old people who worked at Peugeot and meet, and some of them were part of the production process or even engineers. They always have a good story about it. There is especially one guy who knows everything about the 309, can tell you how the car was tested, what was good, what went wrong. I remember he told me the GTI 16 was meant to have all-black rear lamps but costs were too high, the same goes for the manifold that engineers had so much problem to strengthen. If you ever come to Paris, go to the Poissy museum, it is kept by ex-workers and they have a lot of very interesting stories about the 309 that you cannot hear anywhere else.

Plus, I always like to see old cars in general in very good condition, it feels like time hasn't passed for them and owners always speak about their cars with a deep passion. I like that very much.
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Re: [Johan 309GTI16] 309GTI16 miami bleu

Messagepar Johan 309GTI16 » 19 Oct 2017, 11:45

It becomes a little obsession, on a positive way, car gets more washed then a normal car, in the winters it stays in the gargage. :mrgreen:
That's nice to read about the museum and the former works man from the Peugeot factory. Would be very interesting to talk with the engineers over the development of the 309.
I didn't now that about the back lights and manifold. The exhaust manifold is a masterpiece in my opinion, now a days it seems easier with powerful computers for the design.
I went once to the Peugeot museum ad Sochaux, nice museum with a beautiful 309GTI16 in it. It's really a pity I don't speak or understand French, to talk to former works men. The museum in Poissy would be nice to visited, it's a 6h trip from Holland.
A Dutch car magazine made a report over the 309GTI16 and the new 308GTI, they used the 309 from the Peugeot museum. What a nice, original car that is.

2k-clear coat

1k-clear coat

Not exactly to compare 2-k is with flash light taken
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