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Presentation Dominique

Posté : 04 déc. 2017, 13:28
par Shawnturner

Passionate about the richness and the complexity of the nature, I will like one day being able to join a "club" of permaculture.

In the forest, most of my free time, I grew up in the countryside, in the forest most of my free time, I am interested more and more in medicinal plants, the respect of nature in the choice of a type of culture , in order not to see all this disappear in a few years.

Two years ago, I joined a project of vegetable gardens in collective, but it did not work, because too thought more to make a second home than a garden respectful of the life. Dogs, ticks, fences, caravans, flights, too much is too much. Obliged to abandon a hut and a pretty little piece of paradise that had had to be cleared, returned, sown ... as they say, they are the most embarrassed that go away. But this is only part of the delivery.

This is basically what led me to register on this forum. In the hope that this will lead to a concrete and well-considered project. I am ready to move, even on foot if necessary, to take part in a project that would allow the emergence of a new way of considering our relationship with the land,


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