GTI speedometer and TU3M

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Re: GTI speedometer and TU3M

Message par Thomas 309 » 03 avr. 2011, 19:29


since friday my 309 is back on the road until october! Yesterday I have finished my speedometer conversion. The oil pressure sensor from Conrad Elektronik works with the GTI-speedometer, but not perfect. The warning light is working like original, but the clock goes at 8 bar marker when I switch the key on position I or II when engine is off. When the engine is on, the needle goes to 3 bar when driving and 5 bar when the engine is working in idle. Is this correct?
The next problem I have ist the oil temperature. I used the original sensor from Peugeot (new part) and put it on place of the oil drain plug. When I´m driving the needle from the clock doesn´t go over the 80°C marker. Is that with you too? Is it perhaps the wind?



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Re: GTI speedometer and TU3M

Message par thefunkyboy » 03 avr. 2011, 20:34

Hi Thomas!

Your trouble with the oil pressure sensor seems to be a bad polarisation. In normal operation, when cold and idle, the pressure is about 5/6 bars. When your engine is warmed and idle, the pressure is about 2/3 bars.

Your oil temperature really depends on the way you drive, the kind of engine and your collant liquide temperature.

On my GTI, the oil pressure is allways a little bit less than the coolant temperature. About 85 degrees (averaging on a year, winter and summer included).

Malik should give you the values he has on his Vital, which is TU equipped
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