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GTi16 interieur

Posté : 18 oct. 2018, 06:04
par Kesslfligga
Hello there,

hope someones still reading here. I want to give some stuff away.

I jave a really good cond. GTi16 interieur for sale!


The set comes with front and back seats, carpet blue ( complete with carpetpanels around center console ) and the door panels.
Even the driverseat is in very good cond!


309 rulez

Re: GTi16 interieur

Posté : 19 oct. 2018, 11:35
par Portugal309GTi16
I registered here today just because I am looking for..that exactly!

My 309Gti16 is a competition one, that some day I would love to convert into a road car again.

Please tell me what do you have exactly to sell.

Best regards

Re: GTi16 interieur

Posté : 23 oct. 2018, 16:19
par Portugal309GTi16

Re: GTi16 interieur

Posté : 01 nov. 2018, 08:13
par Kesslfligga

Re: GTi16 interieur

Posté : 13 févr. 2019, 13:56
par Portugal309GTi16