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Presentation Japan (need help)

Posté : 04 déc. 2017, 13:26
par Shawnturner

I must make a presentation on Japan in September. The purpose of this presentation is to give an image of Japan. So I researched Japanese landscapes to give a first picture of the country itself. I then talk about the mentality of the Japanese.
Finally, I would like to develop a part about the big differences with France or just the highlights of Japan. However as I am never going to Japan it is difficult for me to talk about this. In addition to researching we come across a lot of small differences but not very important stuff or at least that does not seem to me . So I need your help If you could give me 5/10 big differences (at least the ones that have marked you the most) with France it would be nice

ps: Feel free to tell me if you have nice ideas that would give an image of Japan . Knowing that my presentation should not exceed 9 minutes

Please help.


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